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Musically and lyrically unique, Harley’s ego let him down and eventually the public just tired of it, long after almost his whole band quit on him and the music press turned hostile. He sits uneasily in a niche he made for himself, neither here nor there but still a talent that was to be reckoned with.

The Trilateral Commission and the EU – Part 2

Part 1 here.  Part 3 here.

In Part 1, it was argued that there are many groups about, many thinktanks and all have a view of the world which they’d like to see implemented.  In the end, it comes down to traction – how much notice is taken of them.  As you saw, the TLC has an awful lot of traction.

Traction is one thing – convincing the government or opposition of the day of your views – but it’s another thing getting them presented and passed in the legislature.  For a start, there are other agendas about – the CFR, for example, presented this paper which resulted in this summit, at which the principles were agreed by the elected heads of the US, Canada and Mexico.  That’s also serious traction, considering that this was brought on by an organization who claim that they are just an advisory thinktank.

Harriet Harman – moron extraordinaire


Here are some men

You wouldn’t know it to look at me now but I have been gym training for some years and after the dental horror, it’s back to the gym tomorrow.

The first difference between Russia and here is that there is an incremental range of weights over there but over here, there is government regulation.  Therefore, you may use dumbbells up to 9kg and one bar of 30kg but nothing above or below that.  If you attempt to go from 2 x 9 = 18kg straight to 30kg, you will do your spine in and risk other injury as well.  The law, under Elfansafetee, says you have no choice but to injure yourself, to protect you from injury, of course. They cut out the intermediate weights to “protect” you, thereby inducing spinal injury. A trainer is not permitted to stop you doing this as that would be “giving advice”.

The Trilateral Commission and the EU – Part 1

Part 2 herePart 3 here.

Let this series of three posts walk you through one thread in what the hell is going on right now and why people are suffering.  As each new screenshot goes up, the question is, “So what?”  Be patient because it is leading somewhere.

There are so many organizations out there – the WB, TLC, CFR, BIS, CBs, IMF and so on and so on.   Let’s take just one of these for now, the Trilateral Commission:

tlc 3

The other side of the coin

Though illegal, paying for sex is widely accepted by many Russian men. The eight-laned highways which stretch out of the sprawling capital of 10.5 million teem with prostitutes, some of whom agree demand for sex has fallen. “Now they often talk about work.”

On a website where men can search for prostitutes in their area, a banner invites them to de-stress by simply talking: “When your stock price is falling, what better way to relax than chatting with one of our girls?”