Domestic tip for Friday


Above – nightmare yet to happen

When on a bicycle, approaching a hill where the road narrows to one lane each way, don’t race the Arriva bus to see if you can make the gap first because he is also trying to get a head of steam up and tends to swing past you onto the wrong side of the road, before swinging wildly back onto your side of the road ahead of you [so he hopes] to avoid the lady on the mobile in the blue Astra coming downhill the other way who panics, jams on her brakes and nearly causes a five car pile-up as you huff and puff to the top of the hill on your side and pray the bus driver doesn’t actually catch up with you on the other side.

Above all, when you tear down that downhill section later on, where the road curves left straight into the temporary roadworks red light, with hair [if you had any] streaming back in the wind, don’t slow to smile at the most gorgeous lady with pretty ankles you’ve ever seen in your life, just as the boyfriend emerges from the house, telling her to get in the car.

Do not compound the felony by reaching the red light with him hot on your tail, going into a slalom manoeuvre between the cones and shooting back up the next hill with him still stuck back at the red light.  Finally, when he catches up with you like a dragster from the traffic lights, do not return the appreciative smile she gives you as he tears past, just as you manage to jump your bicycle onto the footpath.

Fate only allows you so many chances.

Three most annoying things on the net


1.  Those photos with a word plastered across them and an invitation to buy them.  I’ll never go anywhere near your photos nor would I ever fork out for one.  Nor would I ever have stolen one.

2.  Embedding disabled in youtube when you can click two videos down and see exactly the same thing with embedding enabled.  What do they think they’re achieving?

3.  Googling a topic, only to work your way through the first two pages and all you ever get is a book promos or paragraphs with “read more with free trial”.  Since when is info on the net subject to money?

Could you add to the list?

Holy Moses, what is all this?


As a reaction to the BBC’s “putting the Hamas side word for word” yesterday, I wrote:

Which Israel was it?  Given that there are three sides of politics – whoever the combatants are and then Them, who was ordering the atrocities?  Have you ever looked at Jewish belief?  There is the religious type, the secular Jew and then the Jewish Kabbalah that Madonna so adores, enough to mock a crucifix at a Moscow “concert”.

This prompted Mark Wadsworth to say he doesn’t do conspiracy theories and he’s quite right to a point.  Nor do I.  I prefer to research something and look at the evidence either way, as regular readers know.

So what is the evidence in the case of the Jews?  How could Hitler’s officers escort a Rothschild across the border out of Germany and go on to murder 6 million Jews?

There are some interesting snippets from various sites which throw light on this.  Robert Wolfe writes:

Some see Zionism as an outgrowth of Judaism, others as its antithesis. In my view, Zionism is Judaism. Judaism is of course a relatively modern concept. Traditionally there was no such thing as Judaism but only the religion of the Jews.  And once people began to argue over the real nature of the religion of the Jews, Judaism was born.

With so many variants – Reconstructionist, Orthodox, Conservative and so on, Wolfe maintains that looking at the Jewish religion post 70AD history:

It was about the expectation that if the Jews performed the mitzvot correctly, the Messiah would come and restore the Jews to the land of their birth. This was the faith which sustained the Jewish people during the long centuries of exile, segregation and persecution.

If there was a difference among Jews, it was between those who passively awaited the coming of the Messiah and those who sought to “force the end” by actions intended to bring about the ingathering of the exiles even without divine intervention.

From the 13th century onwards, those who sought to “force the end” were identified with the teachings of Kabbalah. And central to Kabbalah was a text known as the “Zohar”, which taught that only in the land of Israel could the religion of the Jews reach its full stature.

Starting in the late 15th century in connection with the expulsion from Spain and Portugal and the rise of the Ottoman empire, literally tens of thousands of Kabbalists, most of them Sephardim, did in fact settle in the land of Israel in the “four holy cities” of Jerusalem, Safed, Tiberias and Hebron.

However, the Zionist movement which actually succeeded in bringing about the ingathering of the exiles and the establishment of a Jewish state in the land of Israel was predominantly secular in character. Why was this? It was because the religious Zionists could not free themselves from the belief in miracles.

The Kabbalists who settled in the land of Israel continuerd to await the coming of the Messiah once they were there. They failed to develop a realistic program for cultivating the land or defending themselves against Arab aggression because they expected God and the Messiah to solve these problems for them.

The only form of Zionism that could actually succeed was one which had entirely abandoned the expectation of miracles and relied solely on its own strength and capabilities.

So, in a way, Wolfe has shot himself in the foot because he is admitting that the secular Jew is not actually a Jew, placing the State as the summum bonum and abandoning the religious aspect of why they were in the Holy Land in the first place.

G. Neuburger explains about Jews and Zionism:

Who is a Jew? A Jew is anyone who has a Jewish mother or who converted to Judaism in conformity with Halacha, Jewish religious law.  Apart from the Zionists, the only ones who consistently considered the Jews a race were the Nazis. And they only served to prove the stupidity and irrationality of racism.

There was no way to prove racially whether a Mrs. Muller or a Mr. Meyer were Jews or Aryans (the Nazi term for non-Jewish Germans. The only way to decide whether a person was Jewish was to trace the religious affiliation of the parents or grandparents. So much for the this racial nonsense.

One means of misleading many Jews and all too many non-Jews is the Zionist misuse of names and symbols sacred in Judaism. They use the holy name Israel for their Zionist state. They have named their land acquisition fund with a term that traditionally implies the reward for piety, good deeds, and charitable work. They have adopted as a state symbol the menorah (candlebrum).

What hypocrisy, what perversion it is to have the Israeli army fight under an emblem, the meaning of which is explained in the Tenach (on the occasion of a previous return to the Holy Land) as, “not with armed force and not with power, but in My spirit says the Lord of Hosts.”

The infamous founder of political Zionism, may his name be cursed, who only discovered his own Jewishness because of anti-Semitism displayed at the Dreyfus trial in France, proposed various solutions to what he called the “Jewish problem.” At one point he proposed to resettle the Jews in Uganda. At another he proposed to convert them to Catholicism. He finally hit on the idea of a Judenstaat, an exclusive Jewish state.

Thus from its very beginning Zionism was a result of Anti-Semitism and indeed is completely compatible with it, because Zionists and anti-Semites had (and have) a common goal: To bring all Jews from their places of domicile to the Zionist state, thus uprooting Jewish communities that had existed for hundreds and even thousands of years.

So there are conflicting views here and as a non-Jew [I think], I’m confused.  What is clear is that there is a secular, Statist Judaism which is the one I called Them, in control of Israel at the moment, there are the old Kabbalists who await the Messiah and then there are the ordinary practising Jews.

It is therefore wise to do research from many sources in order to formulate one’s view and the lack of research comes out in this worrying story from the Telegraph today about a particularly brutal murderer sentenced to death:

It later emerged that while deciding whether he should be given the death penalty, jurors consulted the Bible. Four jury members admitted that several copies had been in the jury room and that highlighted passages were passed around.

At one point, a juror reportedly read aloud from a copy, including the passage: “And if he smite him with an instrument of iron, so that he die, he is a murderer: the murderer shall surely be put to death.”

The point of the story was for us to have sympathy for a poor chap who was sentenced on the basis of a discredited and bloodthirsty religion – Christianity.  Most Telegraph readers would conclude: “The sooner we’re rid of this religious nonsense, the better,” thereby lumping all modes of thought and philosophy under the same banner to be eliminated or at least separated from the State.  The BBC article, in fact, goes on to make just that point about the separation of religion and State.

There’s only one small pesky problem – that quote is not Christian, it is Jewish.

It comes from Numbers 35:16 and that is one of the five books of the Torah, the Jewish book which is accompanied by the Talmud and other texts in the Jewish religion.  It is included in the Old Testament as a historical document, whereas the tenets of the Christian religion are based on the New Testament and refer to the Old Testament insofar as they are quoted by JC and later by apostles.

The attempts, throughout history, to ascribe violence to Christianity or to use it to justify violence, as in using it to give execution its legitimacy, with a touch of brutality, is not based on any understanding of scripture whatsoever.  Like the post on Jackson Browne and how people believe innuendo and turn it into “fact”, it’s probably as well to do a bit of research and have those facts right in the first place.

Otherwise we have the beginnings of lynch mob mentality which believes whatever people with their own destructive agendas wish you to believe, especially if homespun phrases and rushes to judgement are part and parcel of it.

My references to Them are no flights of fancy.  They are based on just such research as the above – even minimal research turns up the same type of person at the top who is committed to instability and who sees the gathering of the coins as the summum bonum in life, to the exclusion of heritage, nation or religion, such people, as I mentioned in the other post, as Tony Blair.  In terms of heritage, nation and religion, the man is a traitor, pure and simple.

Such people are the ones in control in each nation at the moment.  Scum always rises.  The problem is, good people also rise, until they’re either waylaid, diverted or marginalized in the dog-eat-dog atmosphere in the upper echelons.

Sorry if this offends.

Domestic tip for Thursday


Double banger today:

1. When packing to go training, always make sure that you include shirt and undies. If you wear swimming trunks to train in [under the shorts, natch] and then to swim in [after the regulation shower], then it’s also an idea to have packed the aforementioned items for afterwards.

2. An adventure is an inconvenience rightly considered and an inconvenience is … and so on. When you’re annoyed that you thought you had the training room to yourself and instead, three lightly-clad young ladies came barging in to do their aerobics all around you, don’t resent the conversation which ensues with them, putting you off your timing nor the look of bemusement in their eyes at all the grunting and groaning you’re doing under the weight.