Not this shill again… surely

I thought we’d already disposed of this shill but today the Telegraph brings her back in full cry.  For goodness sake!  As was said back then:

There are so many things about it. Firstly, she is precisely that type of Blair Babe, the right age [meaning too young to be making policy moves which affect out lives], idealistic, talented, ambitious, undereducated [by definition if she went through the PC indoctrinating school system of the last 30 years] and yet conformist and starry eyed at being “selected” by the big boys – precisely the type of “nice” person one meets all over New Britain and whom ageing men in power [as I formerly was] are wont to promote as part and parcel of the “anything new must be good with govspeak attached to it” and let’s all suddenly get on on the internet and support this worthy cause and this lovely young lady.

She wants millions on line by 2012?  I’m quite sure Big Brother would like that.

Libertarian Lite – when some laws are necessary

30ruxyfLord T speaks of Libertarian Lite, a good concept and what it boils down to is classic liberalism – freedom to do as you wish, as long as it doesn’t incommode others.

Sadly, there have to be some laws, if only to protect the innocent because not all people, especially young children and the insane [e.g. political leaders] are capable of deciding for themselves.  George III springs to mind.

The moment you start down that path though it’s a one way descent into bureaucratic control unless uncommon sense can halt the process and since when did a bureaucracy ever halt its power gathering?  See the EU for this.

So to today’s crime by Maria Shriver:

‘Thanks for bringing her violations to my attention,’ governor tweets after posts two photographs of Maria Shriver holding a cellphone to her ear in the car. What action? That’s unclear. It’s unlikely that Schwarzenegger, who earlier Tuesday was promoting his wife’s ice cream venture, Lovin’ Scoopful, would try to terminate her phone privileges — lest he be terminated himself.

I disagree – IMHO, Arnie would act on her very quickly because it’s his reputation on the line and I’d say he’d personally dock her the $20, in case the reporters come back at them. There are many observations here – her disregard for laws intended ‘for other people’, the mania of people who can’t go anywhere without a cellphone glued to their ears 24/7 and what this does for face to face conversation et al.

Then there is the freedom question. With personal freedoms at stake now as they have not been before in a long, long time, should that law even exist? Personally, I detest when a driver approaches my bicycle and it’s some women on her cell phone with one hand on the wheel.

I think I have a right to more personal freedom from injury than that as she quite clearly has less control over where her car’s veering, her mind on twenty things at once.

Against that, the modern car tracks well and is more forgiving than earlier cars.

So what to do about the freedom question here and whose freedom are we talking about? The Satanist’s Bible [le Vey] says that “do as thou wilt” is all the law – the Dorian Grey principle of no limits and everyone knows what type of monster that principle turns you into.

In utter freedom, where are the principles of self-discipline, personal responsibility and interfacing with others around us?

Just a late note about cellphones – yesterday, a 30ish chap was on the footpath, laughing into his cellphone [glued to his ear] and he simply turned to step onto the road, right into my bicycle.  Question – did I crash straight into him, with right on my side or did I do a swift manoeuvre to get out of his way?

Also, is there any upper age limit for idiocy?

Domestic tip for Tuesday


When you buy a new pair of leather shoes which require breaking in, just insert John West tuna lunch lids [cardboard and octagonal] down the backs of your socks so the edge of the upper doesn’t dig into the bone.

This will eventually tame the shoes whilst turning your motion robotic.


Remember – the fork might well be included but it’s not going to help you all that much in this situation.

Conservative shills


It’s all rather sweet, isn’t it?

Fox cable biggies Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly could hardly contain their delight at being labeled GOP shills Sunday by Obama administration Communications Director Anita Dunn, a charge that will likely prove a big ratings booster for the Rupert Murdoch-owned outlet.

“They’re more worried about the war on Fox than the actual war in Afghanistan,” Beck crowed on his show. “Anita, do enjoy the show.”

O’Reilly said “there’s no question that Fox News is tougher on the Obama administration than the other TV operations because we actually have some conservative commentators on this network.”

[Chuckle]  hey, who else is holding out against the socialists at the moment?

The Higham Ship


Yes, it’s a mishmash of a picture but there aren’t that many junks and viking ships around and I haven’t time to photoshop all night.  Basically, this is what it’s about.

It uses a narrower version of the lapstrake [clinker] Viking ship, 53′ long and 8’6″ wide, with a wineglass hull section, decked in [sorry about the paintjob in the photo], four crossbeams and an outrigger which will contain supplies and bath area at the rear [therefore ballast].

The outrigger will have a “windwardboard” for extended upwind work, the main hull has a shoal keel and underslung rudder at the end of that – haven’t decided wheel or tiller yet.

The sailplan is modern junk – with camber between the bamboo battens and with batten chocks to hold the battens off the mast so the sail can fill on the other tack [if that makes sense], 1100 square feet in all.

To get an idea how it sails, let’s say fast. The picture below gives an idea of it going through the water.  Nice, eh?


Remember it has two junk sails, not the square sail.  Don’t forget [below] that there’d be an outrigger to keep it flatter.


Crew of four [two couples or lucky man and two women plus me – doesn’t worry me].  It is designed for long distance voyaging and fairly big seas.  If I ever get it built, it will be my home, of course.