Think I missed Columbus Day


As Matt says:

As if #1 were not an important enough legacy to the US, our country used to be referred to as Columbia (a feminization of Columbus’ name). Our unofficial national anthem (before “The Star Spangled Banner”) was “Hail, Columbia”. So, to everyone, I wish you all a Happy Columbus Day and all Hail Columbia!!!!!!!


Beth Cooper was saying to me the other day that his films are getting better and better – not bad for a detective who sailed halfway round the world.


Lagerfield: “No one wants to see curvy women”

Body no soulKarl Lagerfield has reacted to Brigitte‘s banning of skinny models:

“No one wants to see curvy women,” Lagerfeld was quoted as saying on the website of news magazine Focus on Sunday.  “You’ve got fat mothers with their bags of chips sitting in front of the television and saying that thin models are ugly,” he added.

This was a reaction to:

Brigitte, one of Germany’s top women’s magazines, said last week it would only publish photographs of “real women” after readers complained they could not identify with the models depicted.

Lagerfield said that fashion was about “dreams and illusions” but Andreas Lebert told  the Grauniad that he was sick of having to retouch photos of underweight models.

“For years we have had to use Photoshop to fatten the girls up,” he said. “Especially their thighs and decolletage. But this is disturbing and peverse, and what has it got to do with our real reader?”

Lagerfield is typical of the gay mafia control of fashion [whether or not he is one is irrelevant] which seems to think that the anorexic shell above left is somehow “beautiful” and desirable.  If he thinks she or any of the goth painted giraffes they’ve created have any beauty outside of some Hieronymous Bosch painting and that she is a “dream”, as he puts it, then what does that say about his dreams?

This is one sick man.  Alison says, in a post appropriately called “freaks”:

Fact. Card carrying members of the Gay Mafia in the ruling fashion bootcamps, are into pre-pubescent, hairless children.  Ergo, so are the rest of us.   Those air-kissing nutters think that boy-girls with just a touch of curve to their frames are the perfect clotheshangers for their designs and as a result a true definition of womanhood.

There’s the thing – this is all androgenous, trans-sexual perversity he’s on about and to bring my own particular bias into it – this is the upper-end [what a joke that is] fashionisti extension of the minds of Them.

karl-lagerfeld-200x0It’s all about undefined sexuality irrespective of age or gender.  They don’t call it paedophilia or perversion – they think it’s all part of the same base instincts.  These are sickos of the worst type.

I wonder if they’ve ever had relations with a real woman of curves, with real sexuality, difficult, enticing and exasperating or has it all been the hardbodied androgynous child against them in bed, devoid of all emotion, drugged out and lying there until it is done?

Just asking like.

Irish terrorism – is it the end?


The reaction to the INLA announcement was welcome for afficianados of Irish politics but for the ordinary person on the main island, what does it all mean?

An excerpt from IRA Guerilla Tactics says:

When the original IRA went Marxist, the Provos split off, and dedicated their lives to war. The war they fought is an example of what a few hundred dedicated Europeans (Celts) can do in the modern world of terrorism. With two thousand men like the hardcore, the IRA or Provos, any European nation could conquer and destroy Hezbollah, Hamas, Iran, the Taliban, al-Qeada, and the psychotic tribes of Iraq.


As to those tactics:

The ASU organization is very decentralized, and the members may actually be in contact for only the few minutes of the combat action they are conducting. Their movements to the objective, equipment pick up, movement from the target, and equipment drop off, is all conducted individually. They execute an assault swarm and dispersal pattern of remarkable grace.

Grace? Still, this is the pattern that terrorists worldwide have followed and it’s quite a little industry, this terrorism game.

IRA funeral

Who are the Real IRA and the INLA?  Wiki is not bad on the RIRA:

The RIRA’s ultimate objective is a united Ireland by forcing British withdrawal from Northern Ireland through the use of physical force. The organisation rejects the Mitchell Principles and the Belfast Agreement, comparing the latter to the 1921 Anglo-Irish Treaty which resulted in the partition of Ireland.   The organisation aims to uphold an uncompromising form of Irish republicanism and opposes any political settlement that falls short of Irish unity and independence.


The INLA was a splinter group which went rabid Marxist and was not even appreciated by the PIRA [Provisionals]:

On 20 February 1975, Hugh Ferguson, an INLA member and an IRSP branch chairperson, was the first person to be killed in the feud. One of the first military operations of the INLA was the killing of Billy McMillen, a leading OIRA member in Belfast and this was followed by several more assassinations on both sides, the most prominent victim being Seamus Costello, who was shot dead on the North Strand Road in Dublin on 6 October 1977.

Costello’s death was a severe blow to the INLA, as he was their most able political and military leader. It has also recently been claimed by some in the Republican Socialist Movement that one of their members killed in 1975, Brendan McNamee, was actually killed by Provisional Irish Republican Army members.


The Protestants, of course, are just as bad and I couldn’t be bothered going into their atrocities but they were as much terrorists as the various manifestations of the Catholics.  That thousands mourned at Lenny Murphy’s paramilitary send-off, when “an unnamed loyalist paramilitary leader from the UDA described Murphy as a “typical psychopath”‘ says enough about the sickness among those people.

I’ve been trying to place the killings when I took a holiday in Northern Ireland around 1992, give or take a year.  All I can remember is that there’d been a Peace Train and a lot of women were involved, that when I’d had a beer in Cookstown and left there, there was a bombing two hours later and when I got to Newry, it was closed off as there’d been a bombing and I found myself staring down the muzzles of British Army weapons in the hands of youths and hoping they’d been well trained.

I can also remember making the mistake of driving off the main road past Belfast and finding my UK reg car in the Falls Road, wondering why I couldn’t see flagpoles every hundred metres with the Union Flag and getting the hell out of there.


The bottom line is that they’re all murdering swine, low-lifes who are so into the freedom-fighter hero thing that the only important concern for them is “the struggle” and it matters not how many women and children get blown up in street markets.  Like Darfur or Beslan, it matters not what the cause was, these people have taken leave of their reason and given over their souls to evil.

Adams plays the elder statesman, as does Paisley but the bottom line, again, is that they are murderers, either in fact or in rhetoric and they will meet their Maker and account for that.

I’ve mentioned on my blog before when I was in London how our kids went to a basketball demo game near Canary Wharf when the IRA warning came that the place had a bomb.  The panic, the fear of the kids and the way one girl with a mobile phone kept us in touch [this was before mobiles were widely used] – all of that is a clear memory.

But more of a clear memory was the Geography teacher, Brendan, telling us afterwards that we’d brought it on ourselves because of our policies in Northern Ireland.

That memory will also never leave me, nor will the Euston Station bomb alert I was caught in.

McGuiness and Adams clearly see the way forward to be representation and possibly outpopulating the Protestants in the end. At least their condemnation of the recently renewed violence is a step in the right direction.

Artificial intelligence


No, not Gordo.  The Tower of Babel principle. Lord T is of the opinion that true AI is a long way off:

Personally though I think we are so far from a learning machine that could think and act like us that I see AI splitting into two branches. One where we use fast and parallel processing to perform tasks and interact as a robot with specific tasks in mind. We can create robots for all our mundane tasks and free up our time.

The second branch is where we work on an artificial brain which we could use in dangerous situations to evaluate and resolve issues that humans would normally do. Eventually of course we would end up with something that would be, in reality, a new life form.

Yes, we can get it to think out solutions and take action, it can learn to scour the net for possible data to build new solutions and if one of the inputs had been to think out the solution to human stupidity, it could conclude, on balance, that humans are better eliminated.

This still does not give it a soul and the capacity to go against its directives or to think laterally.